Marco Oliveira


I’m Marco, 40 – a personal trainer with over 21 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

I have built a successful career that I have enhanced with many different courses and qualifications in personal training, therapeutic massage, fitness instruction and a degree in physical education. 

I work intimately with each individual client catering to their needs. Varying from professional athletes to beginners. 

Using my therapeutic expertise I am able to guide clients through recovery both from traumatic injuries and illness. Currently helping clients with their recovery from COVID-19. 

sports degree

Qualified in physiology, psychology, biomechanics and nutrition.

Personal Trainer

Qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor.

massage therapist

Qualified sport and therapeutic massage therapist.

1_On_1 online training

Online personal training provides the best of both worlds. Home comfort and premium expertise. With a combination of physical exercise and regular communication, we will work together to create a personal plan to suit your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle matching_

Realistic training program taking into account your work patterns and time- schedules to allow your training to fit into your weekly routine as smoothly as possible.

goal facilitator_

I will help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be simply using your existing skills, fine-tuning them, so that you can achieve more than you have before.

Nutritional guidance_

Food is essential to the body’s proper functioning everyday. If you don’t eat right you can feel low on energy, always dragging your feet, continuous weight gain and always feel like you need to sleep.

areas of expertise_

injury recover

injury recovery_

Guided exercise focusing on the specific area of injury will positively affect cellular healing and repair injured tissues. 

Illness recovery_

Assessing and understanding the level of fitness post-illness and regularly adapting the exercises to assure there is continuous progress. 

weight loss and general fitness

weight loss_

Through a combination of tailored diet and consistent exercise a calorie deficit is created and therefore allows you to burn more calories and achieve your weight goal. 

overall fitness_

Regular and consistent exercise allows more oxygen and nutrients to enter your tissues and improve your cardiovascular health, thus having more energy to complete daily tasks.  

pre and post natal exercise

pre natal_

Helps to reduce symptoms such as backaches, bloating, constipation, tiredness and low moods. 

post natal_

Helps to aid the recovery post-birth, strengthening abdominal muscles, boost energy levels, improve sleep and may prevent postpartum depression. 

Hear what others have to say...

client testimonials_

MBC Ian avatar
Ian Franklin Vascular Surgeon, London UK

I’ve been going to gyms for 25 years and had many different trainers. Marco is without a doubt the best trainer I’ve ever had. His relaxed approach belies the expertise and preparation that goes into every session. No two sessions are ever the same and the variety and results help keep up the enthusiasm. Every programme is tailored to the individual and he never imposes some kind of generic programme, it is always bespoke. As well as his professional expertise he is good company and he makes all workouts enjoyable. I’d recommend him highly to anyone interested in personal training. (But his singing is dreadful).

Chris Eales

Marco is an expert at what he does, enthusiastic and full of energy, knowledgable in so many different areas, and a great motivator. He is approachable and friendly, and training with him is not only effective but great fun too. I recommend him!

MBC Louise avatar
Louise Scanlon Teacher, France

I first started exercising with Marco just after I’d had serious covid. I could barely lift one kg, yet the class was great fun and left me feeling stronger and more energetic. It’s now about two months my later, and I’m going from strength to strength. Marco is always friendly and professional, the exercises are really varied, and I’m really enjoying getting fitter. Thank you!!!!! (I’m only being nice so he goes easy on me in the next class…)

MBC vibha avatar
Vibha Chopra Lawyer, UK

I started training with Marco in 2016. At that point I had lost confidence in my body. I’d had a baby and was still struggling to lose the final few kilos a year on. I had tried everything from high impact cardio, bikram yoga, bootcamps and pilates and nothing was working for me. Marco totally changed my approach to training. He made everything very simple and explained that I could easily reach my goal as it was all science based. It was so reassuring and refreshing to hear that it would no longer be such a challenge. Sure enough in just a few months I was in the best shape of my life. I had lost the weight and really loved working out. It was no longer something I “had” to do. The difference was notable. He didn’t just focus on weight loss he worked on my posture, technique and building up my strength. I have been training with him ever since because I know that I can trust his process and that it will deliver results. Each session is varied and specifically tailored to you. His friendly and calm approach always makes sessions fun even though they push you to go beyond your limit. Marco is great trainer, the absolute best and I would highly recommend him.



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